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10 February 2002 @ 10:06 pm
The Internet!!!  
The Internet and computers have taken over so any peoples lives. Take a look at yourselves. How many of you get home from work and go straight online to see if you've got mail? Scared you're missing out on something? How many of you would get frantic if the phone was cut off or if there was a problem with your service provider? How many of you have been/are in a relationship where the Internet was/is affecting your it and you've not done anything about it? Is the Internet really more important than the love of your boyfriend/girlfriend? I don't think it is but it's surprising how many out there find it more important than anything else in the world. Sure I used to be there at one time but I gave it up because it was causing too much trouble in my relationship, I was willing to make sacrifices and prioritise things. Browsing the Internet, chatting with "friends" etc was NOT top of my list. My relationship was and trying to make it as hassle free as possible. Queens on the net where causing a lot of trouble so I thought I'd do something about it, so I stopped going on the net. Thought it would stop the trouble, sadly it didn't, they where still feeding my boyfriend with bullshit, trying to split us up, twats with no morals.

A lot of people on the net take things far too seriously. It's all a game, nothing serious about it. In the gay world it's just like an international cruising ground and you're all meat!!! Everyone's out for a piece of ya. And yeah it's great when people tell you how sexy you are and how great you are, but come one, how much of it is true? The majority is just bullshit so they can get themselves in your good books, maybe want a shag who knows. I wouldn't take what they say too seriously though, don't get flattered by their comments. I'm sure that there are some genuine people out there but they're VERY hard to find. Most cause trouble for you in one form or another, or like I've just mentioned, want a piece of you.

It's sad when people have to turn to the Internet for everything. There's so much out there that you're missing out on. You need to start doing things with your life. Go out with your friends, see things do things you've always wanted to do. The only thing that's stopping ya is the fact that you can't be arsed to get off your behind and walk away from your computer. Think back before you had an Internet connection. Think of all the times you would go out with your mates, have a laugh, get pissed, play football whatever it was that you did. Now think how often you see these people. It's crazy innit? I used to be out EVERY night with my mates, well some weeks we wouldn't go out on aa Sunday or Tuesday, but as soon as I got the Internet that started to decrease and I seen less and less of them. My friends, the people I love and mean so much to me I gave them up for the Internet. I realised how pathetic the Internet actually is when it was too late. A lot of my friends I've lost contact with all together. I'd forgotten to get them birthday cards, forgotten engagements etc. If there is one regret I have in live it's neglecting my friends and giving up my life for a FANTASY on the Internet.

I have so much to say on this subject but I can't get it all out its just swimming around my head lol.

The Internet causes so much pain and people let it, they don't do anything about it. How many people have you known that have split up with their partners, going through a divorce? And all through the net, hmmmm. Real friends and loved ones are more important than a million on-line friends, but you don't see that.

If you put the Internet before your friends/family then it's time to sit back and think. Who's going to be here for you in 5 years time? Certainly not that lad/girl that you used to talk to on the net, bu tyour real friends will. Unless of course you've lost them already. And I'm being so hypercritical because I put the Internet before my friends and family but like I said I realised that too late.

Life's far too short to sit back and watch it fly by your window whilst you're sat at your computer.

Right that's my say about that loo, I'll stop preaching now. :o) lmao.

I was thinking of moving to Canada. Was talking to Diane who mentioned few things so been doing some research today. For a 3 bedroom apartment, electricity, phone, cable TV and cable modem it costs �316.10 a month. I'm paying �300 a month at the mo just for a 2 bedroom house, and that's without electricity, gas, phone etc. They don't pay council tax or TV licences either. There taxes on buying goods is only 7.5%, blah, blah, blah. lol.

Been in touch with a lot of old friends this past week. In particular my ex-girlfriend. The phone number I had for her was an old one so I got the new one off Donna and her address. She moved to Selby a while ago but has moved back to Whiston now. Was great talking to her. She sounds really different, accents gone a bit lol. Missed her a lot. I'm going to arrange a night out with her, her bro, Donna, Ste etc when I go back to Liverpool at the end of Feb (hopefully). Should be a great laugh. I'll have to take the camera. I'm not sure if she knows that I'm gay. I can't remember. lol. I'm sure that Donna would have mentioned it. We'll see, I think she'll take it pretty well hmmm lol.

I bet some of you are thinking WTF is Rob chatting? He hasn't bad mouthed anyone, hardly swore and he's being dead calm. Well that's because I am calm lol. Life is a challenge and we should treat things as obstacles, and now I'm getting all philosophical lmao. Well that's because it's personal and it is my business, no-one else needs to know :o)

Well it's 9.00pm Sunday 10th Feb and I'm now thinking of something else to write lol.

Work is going pretty well, had a bit of a fall out with the boss but it's blown over now, wasn't anything major. Had my appraisal which went really well. Got to have another one could be next week or maybe the week after. Then I've got a salary review a few weeks after that.

Oh that's a thing. Someone walked upto my mate Donna and asked her if she knew me and then told her I've got a really good diary on the net? Hmmmm I'' intrigued. Do I know you? How do you know Donna? How do you know that I know Donna? It's all a bit weird. And I'd really appreciate it if people wouldn't go questioning my friends please. Thank you :o)

Been talking to my mum a bit lately. I haven't seen her since the end of September, really missing her. She said she's going to come down with our Diane, she didn't say when she said she'll surprise me.

I'm writing all this on paper and I'll put it on-line later. I've done 3 � A4 pages so far, don't want to do too much or I might lose your attention.

Oh Anthony sent me this great text the other day, not so great because of the content but thought it was pretty clever, it was one of those things ya forward onto people, most of ya have probably got it. I'd put it up but you'd have to turn your monitor upside down or put a mirror above the text so I won't bother lol. If you want it then his mobile number is ������.�..0����.���..7��������..7

Okay let's try it. HUJOH O5 W,I 35V37d 3W d73H. Can you crack the code? No?����..Ok. Go back and turn da phone upside down!

Put that in your phone and have a look, most impressed lol. Can't believe people sit down and think of this stuff, must be really bored lol.

Message for Steph: I'm sound thanks. I'm not ignoring you or anything I've just got no credit on my phone and you know what I'm like for replying to messages lol :o) Hope you're okay matey.

Shame you can't doodle on this, I'd have a ball lol. My favourite pastime, DOODLING. Hmmm. Yep I know I'm waffling a load of shit.

The cat's hysterical lmao. Jonny got a cat. It's black and white and he's called it Carling. He's a right bastard when he's playful and biting ya, ripping your hands to shreds but when he's tired and dozy he's really cute. Won't be so cute when he gets older though, want him to stay this small.

Can't believe I'm on my 5th page. Waffling some rubbish tonight. Got nothing else to do it's a Sunday, always boring on a Sunday.

Anyway I think I'll go
You lot take care
Rob :o) xxx
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(Anonymous) on June 26th, 2002 04:44 pm (UTC)
Hi matey - just checking up on ya again! do me a favour and email me your mobile number -i lost my phone when out, and got rat arsed - oops!! and some scally Taxi knocked me phone - but shhh! don't tell the insurance company - cos they don't cover for losing it, in taxi's apparently! text me soon - you know the number and if you dont then email me and i'll give you it - the number i mean!!!

So what's happening now? The new job was/is with Lloyds TSB tele-banking - its going allright - suppose!!!

Got new boyfriend been seeing him fro 2 months - and he's absolutely fantastic!!!! Anyway, as i had some success the last time from writing on this - drop me a wee line back at me emai if poss!!!

Love n big huggles
Steph xxx