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03 July 2001 @ 08:10 pm
Giving it up  
Well I've just come online again, downloaded all my e-mails and now I'm in chat. I've gotta say, after going 4 weeks without coming on the net that it's fucking sad!!! It's just pathetic, I used to be a real addict, never turned my computer off or anything permanently in chat rooms, sending e-mails blah, blah, blah. Just realised how sad I was. It really is a load of shit and you people need to get out there and get a social life lol. I've seen more of my friends in 4 weeks than I have done in nearly 4 years years of being online. There's a whole world out there, sitting infront of your computer all day/night or both is really sad. GET OUT THERE AND DO THINGS!!!

It just doesn't feel right anymore, it feels stupid, pathetic, sad, blah, blah, blah. OMG i'm sad!!! lol. I was anyway, not no more hehehe because I'm gonna give it up soon. If not in the next couple of weeks, deffo when I move in with Jonny. Won't need the net then. Sorry to all my online friends I dont' mean nothing nasty by that comment. I'm gonna end up digging a hole so i won't even start. lol.

Anyway yeah, I'm in shock lol. I never thought I'd hear myself say how shit the net is and how pathetic chat rooms are. Chat ISN'T real, just you and a load of others sat in front of computers, typing away, not real life people. I want a proper social life with REAL people, and i want my friends back. The net is no substitute for that.

Gotta go I'll finish this off tomorrow.

Okay I'm back and I've decided that I'm giving it up NOW! lol. It's too much hassle, can't be bothered with it anymore and I liked not being on the net, seeing my friends 'n' stuff.

Before I go I wanna see footy lol, so when you're online mate send me a text or something so I can have a quick chat :o)

And my spies have been in action again lol. Well not arsed can't be arsed with ya's. It'll all come back on ya's. One day it'll happen to you and rest assured I'll be there to see it happen, laughing at how pathetic you are :o)

Well you lot take care of yourselves. If you need to get in touch or something I'll put up a message board and check it from time to time, replying to ya's 'n' stuff.

See yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa :o)

This was not meant to offend anyone. I'm sorry if it has done :o) x
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