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11 March 2001 @ 07:39 pm
Amazing weekend :o)  
Hiya :o)

My babe's been down this weekend :o) :o) Missed him so much, and I'm missing him again now :o( I feel great around him, so happy. When he's not here I feel lonely, empty inside. I love him so much it's untrue. He's so special and means everything to me. Can't wait to see him again, not going to make it too long, I'd go crazy. lol.

So I had a GREATTTTTTTTTTTTT weekend. Went to watch "the gift" today. I thought it was an alright film, pretty good. Don't think Jonny did but nevermind. I didn't chose it anyway and neither did he so it's not my fault. lol. He bought me the Cd of this fella who plays this electric violin in town. His music is just amazing. I sit there for ages sometimes listening to him, been after his CD for ages and me babe bought me it before :o) He's always buying me stuff grrrrrrrrrr lol.

I MISS MY BABE!!!!!!!!! :o( .

I was really scared of losing him because of all these tossers (omg haven't used that word for years) spreading rumours round 'n' stuff, and e-mailing him saying things. But I know that he loves me, and I love him back. And those pricks might aswell give up because it's getting boring now, and it's not working. Wasting your time. If I ever did lose him I don't know what I'd do. Obviously you have no idea what it's like to be in love and be loved. I really don't know how anyone could be so nasty to want to fuck up someones life like that. Must be jealousy, oh well, sad bastards.

Oh Stephen phoned me last night. lol. Was a very interesting phone call, the little piss head. lol. Stephen's my mate from scotland by the way, totally off his head. lol. Dead nice 'n' sweet though. Was talking to him for a bit, was so funny he was so drunk, awwww. lol.

Had some really positive feedback from taking my pics of my site. Installed human click on sat and it tells ya the pages people have looked and where they come from etc, also lets them chat to you in real time, and everyone who looked on saturday had been to 2 pages, index2.html, and pics.html. Sad eh? lol.

Well I'm tired. Gonna have a sleep for an hour and I'll be back later.

OMG someone has just phoned me. I don't know who the fuck it was because i didnt understand him but anyway. He said "is that ballbag" so obviously he's from uboot or gay.com, hmmm. lol. Anyway he asked if I wanted to have fun!!! Oh god yeah whatever, get a life pricks!!! I don't play away!!! So stop asking. Sick of people asking me if I want fun and saying stuff like "well your fella won't find out" when I tell them no I'm not interested I have a boyfriend. I'm afraid I'm not into that kinda thing. Do you not have any morals or anything at all? You all think it's alright for someone to go off behind their fella's back, well it's not. If you feel the need to go off with someone else then you shouldn't be with anyone. I love Jonny and I wouldn't jeopardise (and that is spelt correctly :o)) my relationship with him over some stupid one night thing. SO PLEASE STOP ASKING!!! I respect myself too much anyway to be used for a shag.

Anyway I was going to bed. lol.
Speak to ya later
Current Mood: highhigh
(Anonymous) on March 15th, 2001 11:30 am (UTC)

hi its stephen, just read yer account of my saturday night a piss head? me totally agree! lmao yer off yer rocker matey! but thanks for mentioning me makes me feel special! lmao omg i'm such an attention seeker!

anyway just dropped ya a wee line, ty mate (k)
Robdicknut on March 15th, 2001 11:50 am (UTC)
You bad weirdo. lmao. lol. See ya later matey :) xx