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05 March 2001 @ 04:23 pm
Ciggy break  

Well this is my little break. Kinda like a ciggy break except I don't smoke and I'm not moving away from my computer. lol. Now lets see how long does it take to smoke a ciggy. We'll say it's a long one so lets see 10 minutes??? I dunno I don't smoke.

Mixed emotions again today. Happy is gradually creaping in, sort of. It's there somewhere anyway. lol.

I look like a smackhead. Can't wait for my hair to grow. It's like a number 0 at the mo!

Dum dee dum, thinking of something and nothing is coming to my head.

I came across the celebrity morgue before. SICK!!! Why would people want to see pictures of dead celebrities. Proper sick.

I have to watch what I say in this thing now. lol. Once upon a time I didn't give a shit what I put in here but now, I think some things are best kept in my head or written down elsewhere. hehehe. All of that will be available on request should you be sad enough to want to know what is going on in my life at the moment. lol.

I see that some people are actually signing my guestbook which is nice :o) THANK YOU. Nice to see that there are some people out there who aren't ignorant.

Oh my ciggies finished :o( Shall I spark up another one? lol. Right I'm turning into a chain smoker. Not good for my lungs at all but nevermind.

Oh this ones stronger than the other one. Choking to death.

Nope me thinks one is enough for today. Right I'm off. Speak to ya later. Byeeeeee Rob :o) x
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