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26 January 1980
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Well I'm 26. Living in Whiston, Merseyside, england. Moved back here in July after being in Nottingham with my ex boyfriend for nearly 5 years. Although we're still the best of mates, ya can't throw 5 1/2 years of knowing someone away like that. I hate filling these things in. Oh I'm GAY! and I have met the most amazing boyfriend, he's great :o). If I remember to use this journal instead of me blog on myspace then you will no doubt read all about him lol. I like going out getting rotten drunk, shit faced, having a laugh, like chatting to people, nothing majorly exciting, I'm just normal really. Not normal as in boring, but just normal. Visit my myspace www.myspace.com/ballbaguk for more info on me etc

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