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02 March 2001 @ 02:08 pm
Forgot about this thing  

I forgot all about this. Gonna start putting stuff in it. Gotta put a link to it on my site :) In such a good mood have been for most of the week. Stopped going in that shithole gay.com lol. Removed loads of pricks from msn messenger, and ICQ. Getting a social life and going out, yessssssssssssssssss. lol.

And I'm not telling ya's where I chat now because I don't want the place to be overtaken, and if it is then you will all be kicked and banned daily lol.

Going out with me mate Bob tonight. Haven't been out with him for a while, been busy 'n' stuff. Should be a laugh :) lol. He's a great lad. Nothing like what people make him out to be, and if any of you want to slag him off to me then don't fuckin bother!!! lol. Won't have a bad word said about him. He's been great to me, and is a GENUINE friend.

Met so many people the past week or so from Whiston it's scaring me. lol.

I'm giving some lad sex advice. He thinks that tonight is the night with his girlfriend. OMG like I'm the best fella to ask. And he also thinks he might be gay. oh fun!!! Poor lad. lol. Turning him off being gay at the mo. lol.

OMG i'm going into one here on about licking girls out 'n' stuff. OMG this is crazy. lol. Oh memories of licking girls out and losing your hands up them. lol. I remember losing nearly my whole arm up a girl on a dance floor once, dirty bitch. lol. She must have been around. Okay exaggertion with the arm thing, but my hand just slid up. lol. Anywayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy moving on. lol.

Probably knocked you all sick now. lol.

Dum dee dum.

So yeah I haven't wrote anything for ages. lol. Well nothing interesting has happened in my life. My mum is still annoying. Came downstairs the other day(she was at ours) and caught my sister building up in front of my mum. I was fuming. Grabbed the spliff and crumpled it all up into a ball. My mum was like what was that for. I was like are you thick, she's sat there building a spliff can't ya see it, you must be able to smell the stuff, she said no I couldn't I was like yeah you're fucking thick, just wait until me dad hears about this. They both shit themselves. Still haven't grassed her up even though I should because I'm really on the verge of hating her. Pisses me off.

What else. Oh my dad has bought a house, but I'm looking for one of my own. Want to be on my own, without the hassle of the family. lol.

I'm still happy in love with Jonny :) :) :) Awwww you lot (the ones that where trying to split us up) must be really disappointed. Poor you's. What a waste of time :)

Oh got some nobhead called Russ, who is apparently a fireeman, goes in chat as fitbilad or something, thinks he's gorgeous 'n' stuff, well he's prentending to be me. lol. He's going round saying he shagged me. lmao. Must have one pretty small dick or must be really shit because I don't remember a thing.

And Jamie, the lad that works at EE, handing out threats to me saying that Russ knows bouncers at Cream and all the hard men. lmao. So fuck, I know the manager of cream. lol. I'm a VIP member, hmmm lol. Oh he's a hard one this russ isn't he, so scared. Yep well Jamie piss off with your threats, surprised you have to work anyway with all the thieving you do from peoples houses who you meet :)

Don't ya just buzz off queens???

What else is happening or happened. Don't think anything has. lol.

Well I'll speak to ya later.
Au revoir tout le monde
Rob :)
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