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06 April 2006 @ 03:26 pm
mon dieu j'hais mon travail  
Just got back from the gym. In pure agony. I think I over done it the other day and I'm paying for it now and no doubt will pay even more tomorrow lol.

My boss has finally realised that I'm leaving, or so I hope so and has started putting the word out to people that there is a job available. Which is fantastic, he was in denial at first and thought I wouldn't go. I think the fact that I have put a countdown on my desktop counting down the amount of days I have left has made it quite clear I'm going lol.

I'm coming home this weekend. Can't wait, staying until the Tuesday and then back down the following Thursday. Gonna get me rooms sorted and stuff.

Dunno what to talk about really. So much going off but don't know where to put it all. Been like a whirlwind lately, everything happening in one go lol.

Right well best do some work. Haven't done much for 2 days lol.
See ya later
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