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14 November 2001 @ 03:53 am
It's been a while  
Hiya :o)

Thought I'd update this and let you all know what I'm upto and what's happening. I've moved to Nottingham :o) YAY!!! At last, so I'm living with my babe. Things are going great, it's amazing being able to go to ed with him every night and waking up with himevery morning. I'm so happy. And now you twats can't interfere in things or lie about me because I'm here and he knows what I'm upto LOL saying that I'm sure you sad bastards will find a way, you always do. Anyway carrying on. I'm typing this over the telly because I don't use the interne ona computer anymore, far oo much trouble. I don't even chck my e-mils anymore, just cn't be arsed. So if there are any spelling mistakes it's because I type quicker than this thing can handle. I work in an estate agents now. Got the job within 3 weeks of moving down here. Prettygood eh? Great job, love it, bit of a come down from a web developer but I like it. Right anyway Im getting of, will write som more another day. Oh before Igo --- HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANT!!! :o) I know it was yesterday, sorry it's late mate xxx. Hope you've had a great day matey.
Byeeeeeeeee people
Robeee :o)