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11 July 2001 @ 01:53 pm
Can't think of a subject  

Went to see my mate in hospital today, he took an overdose, his second one in 3 weeks through his girlfriend. Feel kinda guilty that I haven't been there for him. Well I have but I could have been there for him more! Instead I spent all my time in stupid chat rooms. Well I'm gonna sort him out anyway lol.

If I don't reply to your text messages it isn't because I'm ignoring you, it's because i have no credit and I can't be arsed buying any. If I don't answer your calls it's because I dunno really lol. I just don't want to, don't take that offensive but I NEVER used to answer the phone and I only started when I couldn't get online, but I can get online now, I just choose not to go on, so therefore I've gone back to not talking on the phone lol.

Went out with my mum, our clare, stu, jonny, thorny and jane over the weekend. My mum knows I'm gay now lol, and my brother does too. So that's the whole family apart from our kelly but I'm sure me mum will tell her when she gets back from holiday and now I don't give a shit who knows :o) The most important people know so I'm sorted.

Anyways I'm gonna get off I'm really tired not much sleep last night, someones bastard wind chime and it isn't one of these small things its fuckin huge!!! lol Gonna take it down tonight me thinks.

See ya laters
Take care
Robeee :o) xx
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