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13 June 2001 @ 02:56 pm
No comp - coming out!!!  
Helloooooooooooo there

Yep I'm still alive, but my comp isn't!!! lol. It's in for repair so you can all stop worrying and sending me mad texts ie "are you dead?" you know who you are lol. I'll be back in a couple of days.

Well life without the internet is pretty good. I can't say I'm missing it really. Realised I'm not an addict. Then why have I come the library to come onto the net lol. That's because I was bored and thought I'd let you all know how Im' doing 'n' stuff. Most of you don't read this anyway but those that do will at least know why I'm not on etc.

Well I went for that interview on monday but one of the directors was off ill so I have to come back for another interview. LOVELY!!! Hmmmm but I'm still moving down to notts, job or no job I can find on whilst I'm there.

I came out to my dad yesterday lol. Was weird I was sat upstairs and I just thought, right I'm gonna tell him. But he wasn't in. So I started writing him this letter explaining things, who jonny was (he came down at the weekend and stayed at ours) blah, blah, blah. Anyway I walked into the living room and was about to put it on the table for when he got back, but he came in!!! Grrrrrrrrr so I took it back and walked passed him and he said "are ya going out" said yeah just for a walk. Walked out, came back and passed it to him. Told him to wait until I've gone until he reads it. I proper legged it lol. Anyway I came to the library and me dad sent a text saying "rob its ok" then about 15 minutes later he sent another one saying "rob I love you come home" :o) Was soooooooooo made up. lol. Anyway I came home and he was on the phone so I went upstairs, went the toilet. Walked out and he was there waiting for me. He grabbed me and gave me a massive hug and I just burst into tears. lol. Yes sad. He said I was stupid and I should have told him ages ago. Said he doesn't hate me, doesn't love me any less and that I'm his son and he'll always love me no matter what I am or what I do. Said that I'd best come and visit him once I move and bring jonny with me, and that if I ever need anything just give him a ring and stuff :o) Coming out is so over rated lol. I came out to my best mate in january and I was expecting some mad reaction but nope, he was fine with it, no reaction at all. Came out to my other best mate and her sister and they where fine with it, no reaction. And now me dad, like everythings normal. I suppose I'm just lucky. But I was expecting SOME kinda reaction. lol. But nope everything is sound and everyone still loves me blah, blah, blah. lol. Like I said, guess i'm just lucky. Well at least I've got nothing to hide now. Oh I have, I haven't told my mum 'n' that. lol. And me dad said he won't say nothing until I'm ready so that's buzzin :o)

Yesssssssssss my babe came down to ours at the weekend, seen the house which is a pure mess because of the move. We move on Monday by the way. Anyway yeah house was a pure tip, my dad and everyone was supposed to be going on holiday but didn't end up going. Family was as crazy as ever. lol. Soooooooo shameful but nevermind. At least he's met them and knows what he's letting himself in for lol.

Awww I'm missing him. It's his 21st this Friday and I was gonna go down there but the hotels fully booked. I'll try a few others later on.

Ooooh some prick's spying on me, he comes from a chat room that me fella goes in, he's straight and is coming into gay/bi chat uk just to spy on me, obviously not to chat and meet people because he's straight, just comes in, sits there and goes back saying all the stuff I say, or DON'T say. Last night he told my fella I was being all slaggy etc but that's a bit impossible since I dont' have my computer and I wasn't online last night, hmmmmm. Also blagging saying he's a guide or something. My fella gave me his e-mail address but it seems to be the wrong one, I'll get the proper one later on and then the fun will begin. Cunt!!! Nah I'm not gonna let him bother me. :o)

Right I is off, I'll see you all soon probably :o)
Take care you lot
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