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15 March 2001 @ 03:12 pm
Hiya :o)

Found a conversation before that my fella had with russ, but my fella was using another name. Found it quite amusing. lol. So I thought I'd cut and paste it and put it on here.

musc boy bi> well
musc boy bi> whats up
> hi
musc boy bi> why you go
musc boy bi> yes
> i only just got here
musc boy bi> ok
musc boy bi> old r you m8
> 18
> and a bit
musc boy bi> cool
musc boy bi> im dead laddish
musc boy bi> very fit lad
musc boy bi> look at my pic
> available
> ?
musc boy bi> its there
> u camp
> ?
musc boy bi> noway
musc boy bi> im str8 as fuck
musc boy bi> you seen my pic
> yes
musc boy bi> well
musc boy bi> what you think
musc boy bi> im scouser too
musc boy bi> in manchester
> you know ballbag?
musc boy bi> yes hes my m8
musc boy bi> he nice
musc boy bi> iv sleot with
> want to shag him though
musc boy bi> i already have
> r u his boyfriend
> does he got one?
musc boy bi> yes he has bf
> u
musc boy bi> no
musc boy bi> im single
musc boy bi> im seeing a nice lad
> would ballbag shag me
musc boy bi> no
musc boy bi> he has bf
> but he shagged u
musc boy bi> i was a one off
musc boy bi> yes
musc boy bi> i i shagged him
musc boy bi> other day
> lucky
musc boy bi> itwas good
musc boy bi> he likes me
> u r so lucky
musc boy bi> cheers
musc boy bi> ok
> want my pic

(left to go and look at the pic)

musc boy bi ,> ok
musc boy bi ,> seen it
> i just look at nite ross site
musc boy bi ,> what you think
> do you like
musc boy bi ,> hes my m8 to
musc boy bi ,> thats ballbags bf
> you shagged him too
musc boy bi ,> yes
musc boy bi ,> were all m8s
musc boy bi ,> were all fit lads
musc boy bi ,> *phone number*
musc boy bi ,> ok
> was it 3some
musc boy bi ,> no
> when did u shag nite ross
> befor /after ballbag
musc boy bi ,> few weeks ago
musc boy bi ,> ye
> u must look well fit in real
> want to meet
musc boy bi ,> yes people say pic does not give me justice
musc boy bi ,> ye
> when
musc boy bi ,> *phone number again!!!*
musc boy bi ,> were r you
> phone in 10 minites k
musc boy bi ,> i livbe in manchester centre
musc boy bi ,> ok
> i will phone
musc boy bi ,> im russ
musc boy bi ,> you got my number
musc boy bi ,> wrote down
> yes im steve
> u give or take
musc boy bi ,> hi steve
musc boy bi ,> both
musc boy bi ,> you
> take
> u big lad
musc boy bi ,> no just nice
musc boy bi ,> cool
musc boy bi ,> cool
musc boy bi ,> im fit lad
musc boy bi ,> 32w 42-44 ch
musc boy bi ,> 5ft9
musc boy bi ,> very fit musc lages footy legs
> would u do me
> today
musc boy bi ,> yes
> well horny
musc boy bi ,> if you come here
musc boy bi ,> yes
musc boy bi ,> i go all day
> cant wait
> bareback
musc boy bi ,> were r you
> ?
musc boy bi ,> yes
musc boy bi ,> and doggy
musc boy bi ,> both
> phone in ten minites
musc boy bi ,> ok cool
> bye
> sexy boy
musc boy bi ,> bye m8
> cant wait

Now how much does he love himself. Let me show you a few things I found there. lol.

im single
im seeing a nice lad

How could you be single but seeing a nice lad? lol. Oh god he's so thick. Gotta buzz off him, and he's a fireman, god help the people he's saving.

He just throws his number out to everyone, very bad idea.

Having a little break been cutting up psd's all day. lol.

So tired but hyper at the same time. Supposed to be going to escape with my straight mate Ste tonight, well he asked me too. But nope, far too tired.

Dum dee dum, well back to me work.
Take care all
Au revoir
Rob :o)
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(Anonymous) on March 15th, 2001 08:45 am (UTC)
He sounds like a right nobhead who needs sorting out. Like u and jonny need all this shit. Maybe he bitches so much to make up for the fact that hes got a really small dick!!! Probably.

See ya l8r

(Anonymous) on March 16th, 2001 01:56 pm (UTC)
Re: Russ
Dave - you're well right.Rob's a decent mate of mine and i've talked to jonny a few times as well - seems really nice. Don't know why but some people just keep giving him shite all the time. and to Rob - remember - i'm always here for u if jonny is back home and u need to talk - it's what mates r for. Rob and Jonny are sorted - the stupid pricks aren't. Grow up, get a fucking life and leave my mates alone!!! I'll say it again - Dave, youre well right!!