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13 March 2001 @ 09:23 pm

I've had this horrible bad feeling all day that something's happened or gonna happen. Made me feel really sick. Phoned a few people but they all seem fine. I know there is something wrong somewhere, and lets noot get into this, I just know. lol.

Going to the hospital tomorrow. I have an appointment with the ENT clinic about my tonsils. They may want to just rag them out there and then, they might give me a different date, who knows.

Was gonna do a page with all my on-line friends on it and pictures etc with links to their site if they have one. But a few wouldn't want their picture on i.e chas. Which is a shame, he should be showing himself off. lol. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr. If I looked like that I deffo wouldn't hide it. Well suppose he's got his head screwed on. It's really weird to meet someone like that, not shallow or obsessed with looks etc, good looking but not throwing himself everywhere, or being a snotty bastard, ya know what I mean. He fascinates me. lol. And he's a great lad. All applications for dates etc can be sent to me :o) lol. Only messing.

And no I'm not obsessed with him!!!!! So don't you all go shit stirring etc. It caused enough shit last time when I was in gay.com and I said MANC_SCALLYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY when manchester_scally came in, and then some twat pvted my fella saying I got a bit excited when he came in. Manc scally is a good mate and a laugh. When I see my straight mates in the street 'n' stuff we go crazy and they come over and hug me etc, does that mean they fancy me or I fancy them??? Nope it doesn't so get a life people!!!

Missing my babe.

Right I'm off
I'll speak to ya later
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