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11 May 2014 @ 02:45 pm
OMG, been a proper long time since I've been on here haha. I cringe at the thought of reading through me past posts. Can't even remember when my last post was! However, I've found you again so I may aswell start typing since I'm bored shitless on a Sunday afternoon!

But for the meantime, watch this space so I can actually see what you know and what you may not know.

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06 April 2006 @ 03:26 pm
Just got back from the gym. In pure agony. I think I over done it the other day and I'm paying for it now and no doubt will pay even more tomorrow lol.

My boss has finally realised that I'm leaving, or so I hope so and has started putting the word out to people that there is a job available. Which is fantastic, he was in denial at first and thought I wouldn't go. I think the fact that I have put a countdown on my desktop counting down the amount of days I have left has made it quite clear I'm going lol.

I'm coming home this weekend. Can't wait, staying until the Tuesday and then back down the following Thursday. Gonna get me rooms sorted and stuff.

Dunno what to talk about really. So much going off but don't know where to put it all. Been like a whirlwind lately, everything happening in one go lol.

Right well best do some work. Haven't done much for 2 days lol.
See ya later
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04 April 2006 @ 12:54 pm

Thought I'd provide anyone that still reads this with an update. After nearly 5 1/2 years Jonny and I have decided to call it a day. To be honest I think that we both may have wanted it for some time but both scared of losing eachother in the process. Jonny is one of my best mates, and I never wanted to lose that. We've done so much together and it would be a shame to just throw it all away. So we have split amicably. And to be honest I think we're both going to come off great. We're both doing things that we didn't do before for whatever reason. We both seem a lot happier, both doing things with our lives. It's a shame that splitting up with someone gives you the kick up the backside that you needed. I mean don't get me wrong it's hurt us both, but I've come to terms with things. I think Jonny has too and we're both moving on with our lives. But both going to keep in touch, and he'll always be there for me if needed and I'll be there for him.

I've given my notice in at work. I have always told him that I'd give him 2 months notice. Although I have no contract and could leave at a days notice if I wanted. But I'm doing the decent thing. And then he goes and gets 3 months out of me! lol. So I'm staying here until end of June although only working 3 days a week in June to give me chance to find a job and move etc. Counting down the weeks. Can't wait to get back to Liverpool. And I'm bored of this job it does my head in.

I'm going to try to get back and KMBC. Don't know what doing but don't care to be honest as long as I don't have to deal with customers because they're a nightmare and I've had my fair share of moans, abuse, etc at this place. Don't want any of it in another job. I just want to enjoy myself, no stresses, just get up go to work and come home and leave work where it is. Instead of worrying about not doing this, or having to phone that person, or what are they going to say when it doesn't complete. All the shit I don't need and have no control over but the get bollocking for it lol.

Right on that note I best get back to it. Or I'll have more moans and groans lol.

Take it easy. Be back soon.
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27 July 2005 @ 12:01 pm
I don't know what's going on but I could have sworn I wrote something in here this year. I can't believe it's been 8 months since I last put something in hmmmm. Nevermind.

Well 8 months. A lot has happened in 8 months. Where to start. I'll start with the bad news.

In June my dad's best friend who he's known since school, he was his best man at his wedding, and my godfather, died of a massive heart attack whilst on his way home from work. Shook our family up really bad as he was more family to me than my proper family. He was like another uncle, or infact another dad. He was only 47. It's going to be horrible going home because everytime I'm there he's there, always makes sure he comes out for a drink. He's been there throughout my life at all my landmark moments. I just can't believe he's not there. I haven't been home since the funeral yet so I don't know what to expect. The funeral was the first that I had been too. The service was at St Nick's church in Whiston, then we went to the crem in St Helens. I wasn't very impressed with the service to be honest. I felt annoyed if anything, there the vicar is, preaching about god and all this and it just got me really wound up. The crem was horrible, I just broke down in tears, as did my dad, my brother and my sister. It's a great loss, not just for me but for everyone that knew him. He had no enemies, I never, ever heard anyone say a single bad word against him. How many people can you say that about? He was loved by everyone.

Anyway, moving on.

I went to have laser eye surgery at optimax in liverpool in April. I was turned down because apparantly I had viral scarring? WTF? Was made to feel like a liar, asked if I'd ever had blisters on my eyes, nope, coldsores, nope, surgery to my eye, nope, infections, nope. And he asked me again as if I'd crack and tell him that I had when I hadn't. Anyway he said that he would have to speak to his colleagues and get back to me.

Spoke to my optician who said that I have "infiltrates" which are very common in people who wear contact lenses. So he had no idea why the opthalmic surgeon said he'd never seen them before.

I'm due to go back on 13th August to have a second consultation because my optician says that they have gone. Which he is shocked about, so hopefully, fingers crossed I'll be able to have them done. Although I'm not really that bothered now, I'm okay with me contact lenses.

In work at the moment. Loads to do but really not motivated to do it.

Now I know I said loads had happened in 8 months but I really can't remember what lol. My mind is blank.

I'll leave it at that for now then. And won't leave it this long in future.

See ya
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10 November 2004 @ 03:32 pm
Just thought I'd have a look in here because I'm a bit bored and on me own :( and I've noticed that I haven't put anythin gin here since December 2003!!! I could have sworn I put something in this year. Nevermind lol.

Well nothing intersting has happened this year. Just the usual, work, eat, sleep. Haven't been on holiday because there is no-one to look after the pets. I did go home for a couple of weeks though althoug the second week was spent ill. lol.

I'm looking back over the year to see what I can write about but genuinely there is nothing of interest at all. Sad really. but I'm not going to start feeling sorry for myself lol.

Went to Alton Towers, couldn't get on much because it was full of students and that. Last year when I went the queuing times where something like 10 minutes. this year they where at least an hour and a half!

I've got our kelly, clare, tony, me dad and his bird coming down on 4th December for our Clare's 21st. should be a laugh. Don't go out that often so it's nice to go out with them all. I did go out last weekend though, didn't have that much of a good night to be honest. There was some right prick throwing gay comments. He was more gay than I will ever be, you're typical closet case in denial. I fell down the steps in Yates which was "fun" lol. Hmmm what else happened, fcuk all really. I coudn't enjoy myself with that twat round.

Me fella gave up smoking on Monday. He bought the inhalator 'n' that incase he needed a ciggie. Unfortunately he coulodn't cope and he ended up having one on his dinner yesterday :o( Nevermind. He tried his best and I'm well proud of him. He hasn't been smoking as much since Monday which is a start. Even though if it is only 3 days. I'm confident that he can stop, and he will do it, when he's ready.

If there are any typo's here it's not because I'm dyslexic or a bad speller or anything it's just because I can't see what I'm typing because Ive got it minimised in work.

I love it when it gets dark early. You can tell Christmas is coming, and although Christmas isn't the same as you get older, I still have the memories of it when I was a child. It always makes me happy. Although it's freezin!!! lol.

Right bets go, I've got work to do. Maybe when I next write in here I will have something of interet. That's if anyone actually reads this anymore lol.

Take Care
06 August 2003 @ 04:18 pm
It's been over a year since I wrote in here. I'm only writing in it now because we've just got midband at work (don't have broadband here yet) and there is nothing for me to do.

Went back home to liverpool for the weekend lst Friday. Stayed until Monday. Had a fantastic weekend, always do when I go down. I miss everyone so much. Got to babysit for my little neice, awww she's gorgeous. Went out on Saturday night with the family, ended up fighting with my brother lol. As usual he forgets all about it and treats it as nothing has happened.

Well my life is great, still very happy with Jonny :o) Still living together with a dog, two cats and 4 baby kittens!!!! lol. Kittens are alright because they're going in a couple of weeks. But we can't get of that that bastard dog. lol. Pissing and shittin' everywhere, smashing plates, bowls, eating food ot of the freezer, getting in the cupboards and eating all the food out of them, ripping up carpets, you name it this thing does it. The eldest cat pisses all over the place. Gets ya down but nevermind lol. Other than that everything is great :o) Nobody probabgly reads this anymore so don't know why I'm writing in it really.

It's so hot today. apparantly the hottest day on record. Can see where they've got that from. Shouldn't be in work when it's this hot.

Wish I was back home with our Clare 'n' that. Cold be playing with the baby now or sat in a pub having a nice cold pint or something lol.

I bought a multi-gym last night. Was going to start on it tonight but I think it's too hot for it. Might start at the weekend.

Right it is time for me to go. Sorry I haven't been as "entertaining" as usual. It's just too hot lol.
See ya later
10 February 2002 @ 10:06 pm
The Internet and computers have taken over so any peoples lives. Take a look at yourselves. How many of you get home from work and go straight online to see if you've got mail? Scared you're missing out on something? How many of you would get frantic if the phone was cut off or if there was a problem with your service provider? How many of you have been/are in a relationship where the Internet was/is affecting your it and you've not done anything about it? Is the Internet really more important than the love of your boyfriend/girlfriend? I don't think it is but it's surprising how many out there find it more important than anything else in the world. Sure I used to be there at one time but I gave it up because it was causing too much trouble in my relationship, I was willing to make sacrifices and prioritise things. Browsing the Internet, chatting with "friends" etc was NOT top of my list. My relationship was and trying to make it as hassle free as possible. Queens on the net where causing a lot of trouble so I thought I'd do something about it, so I stopped going on the net. Thought it would stop the trouble, sadly it didn't, they where still feeding my boyfriend with bullshit, trying to split us up, twats with no morals.

A lot of people on the net take things far too seriously. It's all a game, nothing serious about it. In the gay world it's just like an international cruising ground and you're all meat!!! Everyone's out for a piece of ya. And yeah it's great when people tell you how sexy you are and how great you are, but come one, how much of it is true? The majority is just bullshit so they can get themselves in your good books, maybe want a shag who knows. I wouldn't take what they say too seriously though, don't get flattered by their comments. I'm sure that there are some genuine people out there but they're VERY hard to find. Most cause trouble for you in one form or another, or like I've just mentioned, want a piece of you.

It's sad when people have to turn to the Internet for everything. There's so much out there that you're missing out on. You need to start doing things with your life. Go out with your friends, see things do things you've always wanted to do. The only thing that's stopping ya is the fact that you can't be arsed to get off your behind and walk away from your computer. Think back before you had an Internet connection. Think of all the times you would go out with your mates, have a laugh, get pissed, play football whatever it was that you did. Now think how often you see these people. It's crazy innit? I used to be out EVERY night with my mates, well some weeks we wouldn't go out on aa Sunday or Tuesday, but as soon as I got the Internet that started to decrease and I seen less and less of them. My friends, the people I love and mean so much to me I gave them up for the Internet. I realised how pathetic the Internet actually is when it was too late. A lot of my friends I've lost contact with all together. I'd forgotten to get them birthday cards, forgotten engagements etc. If there is one regret I have in live it's neglecting my friends and giving up my life for a FANTASY on the Internet.

I have so much to say on this subject but I can't get it all out its just swimming around my head lol.

The Internet causes so much pain and people let it, they don't do anything about it. How many people have you known that have split up with their partners, going through a divorce? And all through the net, hmmmm. Real friends and loved ones are more important than a million on-line friends, but you don't see that.

If you put the Internet before your friends/family then it's time to sit back and think. Who's going to be here for you in 5 years time? Certainly not that lad/girl that you used to talk to on the net, bu tyour real friends will. Unless of course you've lost them already. And I'm being so hypercritical because I put the Internet before my friends and family but like I said I realised that too late.

Life's far too short to sit back and watch it fly by your window whilst you're sat at your computer.

Right that's my say about that loo, I'll stop preaching now. :o) lmao.

I was thinking of moving to Canada. Was talking to Diane who mentioned few things so been doing some research today. For a 3 bedroom apartment, electricity, phone, cable TV and cable modem it costs �316.10 a month. I'm paying �300 a month at the mo just for a 2 bedroom house, and that's without electricity, gas, phone etc. They don't pay council tax or TV licences either. There taxes on buying goods is only 7.5%, blah, blah, blah. lol.

Been in touch with a lot of old friends this past week. In particular my ex-girlfriend. The phone number I had for her was an old one so I got the new one off Donna and her address. She moved to Selby a while ago but has moved back to Whiston now. Was great talking to her. She sounds really different, accents gone a bit lol. Missed her a lot. I'm going to arrange a night out with her, her bro, Donna, Ste etc when I go back to Liverpool at the end of Feb (hopefully). Should be a great laugh. I'll have to take the camera. I'm not sure if she knows that I'm gay. I can't remember. lol. I'm sure that Donna would have mentioned it. We'll see, I think she'll take it pretty well hmmm lol.

I bet some of you are thinking WTF is Rob chatting? He hasn't bad mouthed anyone, hardly swore and he's being dead calm. Well that's because I am calm lol. Life is a challenge and we should treat things as obstacles, and now I'm getting all philosophical lmao. Well that's because it's personal and it is my business, no-one else needs to know :o)

Well it's 9.00pm Sunday 10th Feb and I'm now thinking of something else to write lol.

Work is going pretty well, had a bit of a fall out with the boss but it's blown over now, wasn't anything major. Had my appraisal which went really well. Got to have another one could be next week or maybe the week after. Then I've got a salary review a few weeks after that.

Oh that's a thing. Someone walked upto my mate Donna and asked her if she knew me and then told her I've got a really good diary on the net? Hmmmm I'' intrigued. Do I know you? How do you know Donna? How do you know that I know Donna? It's all a bit weird. And I'd really appreciate it if people wouldn't go questioning my friends please. Thank you :o)

Been talking to my mum a bit lately. I haven't seen her since the end of September, really missing her. She said she's going to come down with our Diane, she didn't say when she said she'll surprise me.

I'm writing all this on paper and I'll put it on-line later. I've done 3 � A4 pages so far, don't want to do too much or I might lose your attention.

Oh Anthony sent me this great text the other day, not so great because of the content but thought it was pretty clever, it was one of those things ya forward onto people, most of ya have probably got it. I'd put it up but you'd have to turn your monitor upside down or put a mirror above the text so I won't bother lol. If you want it then his mobile number is ������.�..0����.���..7��������..7

Okay let's try it. HUJOH O5 W,I 35V37d 3W d73H. Can you crack the code? No?����..Ok. Go back and turn da phone upside down!

Put that in your phone and have a look, most impressed lol. Can't believe people sit down and think of this stuff, must be really bored lol.

Message for Steph: I'm sound thanks. I'm not ignoring you or anything I've just got no credit on my phone and you know what I'm like for replying to messages lol :o) Hope you're okay matey.

Shame you can't doodle on this, I'd have a ball lol. My favourite pastime, DOODLING. Hmmm. Yep I know I'm waffling a load of shit.

The cat's hysterical lmao. Jonny got a cat. It's black and white and he's called it Carling. He's a right bastard when he's playful and biting ya, ripping your hands to shreds but when he's tired and dozy he's really cute. Won't be so cute when he gets older though, want him to stay this small.

Can't believe I'm on my 5th page. Waffling some rubbish tonight. Got nothing else to do it's a Sunday, always boring on a Sunday.

Anyway I think I'll go
You lot take care
Rob :o) xxx
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14 November 2001 @ 03:53 am
Hiya :o)

Thought I'd update this and let you all know what I'm upto and what's happening. I've moved to Nottingham :o) YAY!!! At last, so I'm living with my babe. Things are going great, it's amazing being able to go to ed with him every night and waking up with himevery morning. I'm so happy. And now you twats can't interfere in things or lie about me because I'm here and he knows what I'm upto LOL saying that I'm sure you sad bastards will find a way, you always do. Anyway carrying on. I'm typing this over the telly because I don't use the interne ona computer anymore, far oo much trouble. I don't even chck my e-mils anymore, just cn't be arsed. So if there are any spelling mistakes it's because I type quicker than this thing can handle. I work in an estate agents now. Got the job within 3 weeks of moving down here. Prettygood eh? Great job, love it, bit of a come down from a web developer but I like it. Right anyway Im getting of, will write som more another day. Oh before Igo --- HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANT!!! :o) I know it was yesterday, sorry it's late mate xxx. Hope you've had a great day matey.
Byeeeeeeeee people
Robeee :o)

Downloading nero burn at the mo, dunno why, actually I do but its too long to explain blah, blah, blah.

Seems that the people who claim to be my friends actually aren't, nothing unusual, all online friends are like this, 2 faced bastards. What gets me is that they can't say this stuff to my face, nope rather run to my fella and say things about me. Does my fuckin head in. I've said this before but I'll say it again, GET A LIFE!!! And I mean a real one, go out and find something better to do than to talk about people, cause trouble, and spend all your time on the internet, wasting yourself. Really, really sad. Typical of gay net friends though. Typical of gay people full stop, and I feel bad for saying that, but you all live upto the stereotype. Nevermind I'm sure that there are some people out there, IN THE REAL WORLD, that don't.


I will find out who you are, won't do anything about it, just curious to see who it is to be honest. Not gonna sink to your levels though, like I said just curious to know who the dickheads are. So if you'd like to send me an e-mail owning up or whatever then go ahead, I won't reply, won't do anything to get you back. Just said I'm not gonna sink to your level and I wouldn't.

Well you have fun trying to fuck up my life, you're doing a great job of it. You's don't even know me, twats. And stop interferring in my life and my fella's, and OUR RELATIONSHIP, you know fuck all about us!!! Grrrrrrrrrr

Take care
Robeee :o)
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09 August 2001 @ 07:07 pm
Hello again :o)

Right what's been going on. Lets start with the most important stuff :o)

WE'VE BEEN ACCEPTED FOR OUR HOUSE!!!!!! Yesssssssssssss :o) proper made up, if everything goes okay then I should be in notts soon with me babe. OMG i can't wait. I miss him so much when he's not here or I'm not there, its horrible going to bed without him, and soon, I'm gonna be able to spend EVERY night with him :o) Yesssssss, HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY :o) :o) :o)

What else, oh my dad has proposed to his girlfriend so he's engaged :oS As long as he's happy then I'm happy :o) Just keeping it secret from my mum at the mo because she'll be gutted.

What else, hmmm, still pissed off with people interfering in our relationship ON ANY LEVEL! But I guess thats the way its always gonna be.

Aye that's all what's going off in my life at the mo lol. Just keeping ya's informed :o)

Take care all
Robeee xxx
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24 July 2001 @ 11:19 am
Okay I'm too tired to post this lmao. But the subject says it all, STAY OUT MY FUCKING WAY, with your lies and shit stirring!!! Get a life of your own instead of fucking up other peoples.

Okay that's used all my energy.

Take care all
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11 July 2001 @ 01:53 pm

Went to see my mate in hospital today, he took an overdose, his second one in 3 weeks through his girlfriend. Feel kinda guilty that I haven't been there for him. Well I have but I could have been there for him more! Instead I spent all my time in stupid chat rooms. Well I'm gonna sort him out anyway lol.

If I don't reply to your text messages it isn't because I'm ignoring you, it's because i have no credit and I can't be arsed buying any. If I don't answer your calls it's because I dunno really lol. I just don't want to, don't take that offensive but I NEVER used to answer the phone and I only started when I couldn't get online, but I can get online now, I just choose not to go on, so therefore I've gone back to not talking on the phone lol.

Went out with my mum, our clare, stu, jonny, thorny and jane over the weekend. My mum knows I'm gay now lol, and my brother does too. So that's the whole family apart from our kelly but I'm sure me mum will tell her when she gets back from holiday and now I don't give a shit who knows :o) The most important people know so I'm sorted.

Anyways I'm gonna get off I'm really tired not much sleep last night, someones bastard wind chime and it isn't one of these small things its fuckin huge!!! lol Gonna take it down tonight me thinks.

See ya laters
Take care
Robeee :o) xx
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03 July 2001 @ 08:10 pm
Well I've just come online again, downloaded all my e-mails and now I'm in chat. I've gotta say, after going 4 weeks without coming on the net that it's fucking sad!!! It's just pathetic, I used to be a real addict, never turned my computer off or anything permanently in chat rooms, sending e-mails blah, blah, blah. Just realised how sad I was. It really is a load of shit and you people need to get out there and get a social life lol. I've seen more of my friends in 4 weeks than I have done in nearly 4 years years of being online. There's a whole world out there, sitting infront of your computer all day/night or both is really sad. GET OUT THERE AND DO THINGS!!!

It just doesn't feel right anymore, it feels stupid, pathetic, sad, blah, blah, blah. OMG i'm sad!!! lol. I was anyway, not no more hehehe because I'm gonna give it up soon. If not in the next couple of weeks, deffo when I move in with Jonny. Won't need the net then. Sorry to all my online friends I dont' mean nothing nasty by that comment. I'm gonna end up digging a hole so i won't even start. lol.

Anyway yeah, I'm in shock lol. I never thought I'd hear myself say how shit the net is and how pathetic chat rooms are. Chat ISN'T real, just you and a load of others sat in front of computers, typing away, not real life people. I want a proper social life with REAL people, and i want my friends back. The net is no substitute for that.

Gotta go I'll finish this off tomorrow.

Okay I'm back and I've decided that I'm giving it up NOW! lol. It's too much hassle, can't be bothered with it anymore and I liked not being on the net, seeing my friends 'n' stuff.

Before I go I wanna see footy lol, so when you're online mate send me a text or something so I can have a quick chat :o)

And my spies have been in action again lol. Well not arsed can't be arsed with ya's. It'll all come back on ya's. One day it'll happen to you and rest assured I'll be there to see it happen, laughing at how pathetic you are :o)

Well you lot take care of yourselves. If you need to get in touch or something I'll put up a message board and check it from time to time, replying to ya's 'n' stuff.

See yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa :o)

This was not meant to offend anyone. I'm sorry if it has done :o) x
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13 June 2001 @ 02:56 pm
Helloooooooooooo there

Yep I'm still alive, but my comp isn't!!! lol. It's in for repair so you can all stop worrying and sending me mad texts ie "are you dead?" you know who you are lol. I'll be back in a couple of days.

Well life without the internet is pretty good. I can't say I'm missing it really. Realised I'm not an addict. Then why have I come the library to come onto the net lol. That's because I was bored and thought I'd let you all know how Im' doing 'n' stuff. Most of you don't read this anyway but those that do will at least know why I'm not on etc.

Well I went for that interview on monday but one of the directors was off ill so I have to come back for another interview. LOVELY!!! Hmmmm but I'm still moving down to notts, job or no job I can find on whilst I'm there.

I came out to my dad yesterday lol. Was weird I was sat upstairs and I just thought, right I'm gonna tell him. But he wasn't in. So I started writing him this letter explaining things, who jonny was (he came down at the weekend and stayed at ours) blah, blah, blah. Anyway I walked into the living room and was about to put it on the table for when he got back, but he came in!!! Grrrrrrrrr so I took it back and walked passed him and he said "are ya going out" said yeah just for a walk. Walked out, came back and passed it to him. Told him to wait until I've gone until he reads it. I proper legged it lol. Anyway I came to the library and me dad sent a text saying "rob its ok" then about 15 minutes later he sent another one saying "rob I love you come home" :o) Was soooooooooo made up. lol. Anyway I came home and he was on the phone so I went upstairs, went the toilet. Walked out and he was there waiting for me. He grabbed me and gave me a massive hug and I just burst into tears. lol. Yes sad. He said I was stupid and I should have told him ages ago. Said he doesn't hate me, doesn't love me any less and that I'm his son and he'll always love me no matter what I am or what I do. Said that I'd best come and visit him once I move and bring jonny with me, and that if I ever need anything just give him a ring and stuff :o) Coming out is so over rated lol. I came out to my best mate in january and I was expecting some mad reaction but nope, he was fine with it, no reaction at all. Came out to my other best mate and her sister and they where fine with it, no reaction. And now me dad, like everythings normal. I suppose I'm just lucky. But I was expecting SOME kinda reaction. lol. But nope everything is sound and everyone still loves me blah, blah, blah. lol. Like I said, guess i'm just lucky. Well at least I've got nothing to hide now. Oh I have, I haven't told my mum 'n' that. lol. And me dad said he won't say nothing until I'm ready so that's buzzin :o)

Yesssssssssss my babe came down to ours at the weekend, seen the house which is a pure mess because of the move. We move on Monday by the way. Anyway yeah house was a pure tip, my dad and everyone was supposed to be going on holiday but didn't end up going. Family was as crazy as ever. lol. Soooooooo shameful but nevermind. At least he's met them and knows what he's letting himself in for lol.

Awww I'm missing him. It's his 21st this Friday and I was gonna go down there but the hotels fully booked. I'll try a few others later on.

Ooooh some prick's spying on me, he comes from a chat room that me fella goes in, he's straight and is coming into gay/bi chat uk just to spy on me, obviously not to chat and meet people because he's straight, just comes in, sits there and goes back saying all the stuff I say, or DON'T say. Last night he told my fella I was being all slaggy etc but that's a bit impossible since I dont' have my computer and I wasn't online last night, hmmmmm. Also blagging saying he's a guide or something. My fella gave me his e-mail address but it seems to be the wrong one, I'll get the proper one later on and then the fun will begin. Cunt!!! Nah I'm not gonna let him bother me. :o)

Right I is off, I'll see you all soon probably :o)
Take care you lot
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07 June 2001 @ 11:33 am
Well hellooooooooooooooooo

Haven't wrote anything for ages. Had an e-mail from bob yesterday telling me to get writing stuff in here so here I am. lol. Was made up that he e-mailed me I've been pretty slack with them lately and I apologise to you all, been busy 'n' stuff.

So stressed!!!!! lol. What have I done since my last entry, what's been going on in my life.

Well I left Idaho which was probably a big mistake but I was ill at the time, and now stress is just taking over my life lol. Started working for sixteen newspapers doing gay porn sites, that was the most disgusting job I've ever had to do in my life OMG, it was horrible. Worked there for 3 weeks, didn't exactly do much just sat and chatted all day because I really hated the bastard job so just sat there until another came along and then left. Started working for jupiter IT went in for 2 days and left that one too. Yep mad but my heads so fucked up I just can't be bothered with work right now. I have an interview for a job in Nottingham on monday hopefully I'll get that. That'll sort everything out, I'll have a job, I'll have a house, be able to see my fella whenever I want :o) away from all the shit here. New job, new home, new life :o) but still with the same boyfriend who I'm gonna be with forever and is the only thing keeping me sane at the moment lol.

We've been through a bit of a rough patch lately, won't go into details but we've managed to sort everything out and come out stronger after it all :o) And people are STILL causing shit, STILL spying on me and going back saying stuff that I've done or said, and STILL haven't given up on trying to split us up. Wasting your time!!! Your turn will come and I will make your life and your relationship HELL!!! :o) Actually I won't I wish I could but I'm not a sad little mincing queeny twat!!! Ya know this lot are gonna close my diary down because of the language in it lol.

He's coming up here at the weekend :o) can't wait, missed him sooooooooo much. Then hopefully next 2-3 weeks I won't have to wait so long between seeing him :o)

I got one of these splashplastic cards right and the bastard thing just isn't working keeps saying my password is wrong I think not. So I sent an e-mail to customer servies who then said to type it in capitals so I did and nope still not working, sent them another one but they haven't replied TWATS!!! Grrrrrrrrrrrrr. lol.

There's bottles all over my room again! lol. Will have to do some tidying up me thinks, yep deffo. lol. A lot of tidying up. Nah it's not that bad, just the bottles lol.

Think I might add some background music today because I'm bored lets have a look through some stuff lol. Something annoying. Okay sorting that out now. Oh god can't be arsed lol. Too much messin.

Trying to get into MSN but it's having none of it, nevermind lol.

And lee keeps sending me e-mails when he's on messenger and so am I, so I don't know why he just doesn't talk to me instead lol. Off his head :o) Oh he's just realised i'm online lol. Psychooooooooooooooo.

What else has been going on in my life. Oh my mum and dad are getting a divorce think i've already mentioned that haven't I, yep probably lol. Mums got a really nice house, we were supposed to move into our new house months ago but the fella had a heart attack so it just keeps getting put back, and back and it's annoying me now. My dad is moving to ireland in about a month so the house is gonna be our stuarts and clares but me dad's paying for it, they only have to pay for food. The girl my dad was with finished him. She said it was because she didnt love him as much as he loved her, butttttttttt she has a new fella with loads of money bmw convertable, hmmmmmm. Shallow bitch!!! I did tell him that all girls from st helens are slappesr but nooooooooooooo he didn't listen lol. Well he said to me the other day that I was right, and she was a slapper :o) Maybe one day people will start to listen to me lol. only messin.

Sorry this is all depressin' isn't it. Just that my life isn't going all too well at the moment. Only thing that seems to be sorted is my relationship with Jonny. Everything else is falling apart around me and there is nothing I can do to stop it, that's what's annoying me. I have so many things going on right now and I just can't tell anyone lol. I have only just began to start in this thing.

Doesn't matter I'll be sorted soon :o)

Anyway enough of all this depressing shit.

Dum dee dum. Oh I was in chat having a right good laugh with me mates from canada 'n' texas 'n' that in yahoo lol. I go in as im_a_bad_girl_spank_me_now when nobheads start to harrass my girls!!! lol So they all start pming me with stuff like this:

mrgspo2000: indulge
mrgspo2000: surrender
im_a_bad_girl_spank_me_now: what?
mrgspo2000: let me pamper you
im_a_bad_girl_spank_me_now: pamper me baby
mrgspo2000: till you purr with pleasure
mrgspo2000: yes
mrgspo2000: i d lie you back.....
mrgspo2000: 3 pillows under your hips.......
mrgspo2000: your legs over my shoulders..
im_a_bad_girl_spank_me_now: you type away whilst I get my vibrator
mrgspo2000: then i take my middle finger....
mrgspo2000: palm facing up....
mrgspo2000: an inch.....
mrgspo2000: moving it around in lazy circles......
mrgspo2000: at the same time.....
mrgspo2000: taking my tongue.....
mrgspo2000: curling it around the very tip of your clit......
mrgspo2000: since my tongue is so long.....
mrgspo2000: i can curl it around your entire clit.....
mrgspo2000: mmmmmmm
mrgspo2000: you there still ???
im_a_bad_girl_spank_me_now: yeh just finding my batteries
mrgspo2000: w my fingertip......
mrgspo2000: turning it around.....
mrgspo2000: finding your g spot........
im_a_bad_girl_spank_me_now: hang on my batteries have fucked I think they're the wrong size brb
mrgspo2000: k
im_a_bad_girl_spank_me_now: this bastard thing i paid a fortune for this gold plated 15"
im_a_bad_girl_spank_me_now: even talks to me
mrgspo2000: find your g spot.......
mrgspo2000: did you find it ????
mrgspo2000: are you still there ??
im_a_bad_girl_spank_me_now: I'm still looking for the damn thing hang on. Is it labelled?

I can't believe some of the sad bastards in those rooms lol. I cut and paste all this in the room omg it's mad, have a proper laugh.

Anyways i'm off :o)
Shall speak to ya's all later
Take care
Robeee :o)
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10 April 2001 @ 07:48 pm
Last weekend was probably the most amazing weekend of my life so far. I went down to notts to see Jonny, spent the whole weekend with him. Didn't get to my hotel until about 12 on friday night because I went straight passed it. lol. Oh fun, ended up in mansfield, lost!!! Spent the night talking, had a couple of bottles, kissed and cuddled with him and then went to sleep in his arms. He looks so cute when he's asleep, awwwwwww :o) Woke up and seen him and it's an incredible feeling waking up with the one you love. Opening your eyes and seeing him lying there next to you. Saturday we spent all day and night in the hotel, except to go out to get something to eat from the chippy and a few more bottles and some sweets 'n' stuff (froggies) lol. lmao. Moving on. lol. It was great, spending all that time with him, holding him, kissing him. Just lay on the bed and watched tv, kissed, drank, ate some frogs. lol. lmao. OMG. lol. Drank some woody's. lmao. Dum dee dum. Went to watch Dungeons and dragons on the Sunday, it's great film, well I thought so anyway. Held hands in the flicks, it was so nice, no-one seen us like, but it was nice to be able to hold his hand, it was really sweet. And now I'm at home and I'm missing him so much. :o(

I am the luckiest person alive to have Jonny, and for him to love me. I am the envy of a lot of people, and I can see why. There is no other man like him, he's just amazing. He's made me so happy. No matter what's going on in my life he is always there to cheer me up and make me laugh. I don't know how I've got him, but there is no way I'm gonna let him go. I still don't know why he's with me when he could have anyone he wanted, but hey I'm not gonna question that, if he's stupid enough to be with me then that's his problem. lol.

I really can't think of any words to describe him and how good he makes me feel. There are no words for it. You'd have to take over my body and my mind for a few minutes just to know how much I really do love him and how good he makes me feel. Then if you've never loved properly you'd experience what it's like to truly be in love, and all those emotions and feelings that go with it. The butterflies you get in your stomach everytime you see him or hear his voice. The way your heart skips a beet everytime you hear him say he loves you. How you feel like crying when you say goodbye to him at the station :o( ..............

I have never in my life felt so much in love. It's great, most amazing feeling ever also scary too. When I think about losing him and how empty my life would be without him in it. But if that ever happened there would be nothing I could do about it, but I wouldn't give up, i'd fight for him and this love, and I'd always love him no matter what. He has my heart and I never want it back.

He means the world to me, I'd give up EVERYTHING for him. And all this may just sound like words but I mean it. There is nothing I wouldn't do for him.

Anyway I will continue this later, it's getting me kinda depressed because i really do miss him.
See ya later
Take care
Rob :o) xx
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15 March 2001 @ 08:59 pm
Not feeling too good at all, gonna go to bed.

See ya later
Current Mood: sicksick
15 March 2001 @ 03:12 pm
Hiya :o)

Found a conversation before that my fella had with russ, but my fella was using another name. Found it quite amusing. lol. So I thought I'd cut and paste it and put it on here.

musc boy bi> well
musc boy bi> whats up
> hi
musc boy bi> why you go
musc boy bi> yes
> i only just got here
musc boy bi> ok
musc boy bi> old r you m8
> 18
> and a bit
musc boy bi> cool
musc boy bi> im dead laddish
musc boy bi> very fit lad
musc boy bi> look at my pic
> available
> ?
musc boy bi> its there
> u camp
> ?
musc boy bi> noway
musc boy bi> im str8 as fuck
musc boy bi> you seen my pic
> yes
musc boy bi> well
musc boy bi> what you think
musc boy bi> im scouser too
musc boy bi> in manchester
> you know ballbag?
musc boy bi> yes hes my m8
musc boy bi> he nice
musc boy bi> iv sleot with
> want to shag him though
musc boy bi> i already have
> r u his boyfriend
> does he got one?
musc boy bi> yes he has bf
> u
musc boy bi> no
musc boy bi> im single
musc boy bi> im seeing a nice lad
> would ballbag shag me
musc boy bi> no
musc boy bi> he has bf
> but he shagged u
musc boy bi> i was a one off
musc boy bi> yes
musc boy bi> i i shagged him
musc boy bi> other day
> lucky
musc boy bi> itwas good
musc boy bi> he likes me
> u r so lucky
musc boy bi> cheers
musc boy bi> ok
> want my pic

(left to go and look at the pic)

musc boy bi ,> ok
musc boy bi ,> seen it
> i just look at nite ross site
musc boy bi ,> what you think
> do you like
musc boy bi ,> hes my m8 to
musc boy bi ,> thats ballbags bf
> you shagged him too
musc boy bi ,> yes
musc boy bi ,> were all m8s
musc boy bi ,> were all fit lads
musc boy bi ,> *phone number*
musc boy bi ,> ok
> was it 3some
musc boy bi ,> no
> when did u shag nite ross
> befor /after ballbag
musc boy bi ,> few weeks ago
musc boy bi ,> ye
> u must look well fit in real
> want to meet
musc boy bi ,> yes people say pic does not give me justice
musc boy bi ,> ye
> when
musc boy bi ,> *phone number again!!!*
musc boy bi ,> were r you
> phone in 10 minites k
musc boy bi ,> i livbe in manchester centre
musc boy bi ,> ok
> i will phone
musc boy bi ,> im russ
musc boy bi ,> you got my number
musc boy bi ,> wrote down
> yes im steve
> u give or take
musc boy bi ,> hi steve
musc boy bi ,> both
musc boy bi ,> you
> take
> u big lad
musc boy bi ,> no just nice
musc boy bi ,> cool
musc boy bi ,> cool
musc boy bi ,> im fit lad
musc boy bi ,> 32w 42-44 ch
musc boy bi ,> 5ft9
musc boy bi ,> very fit musc lages footy legs
> would u do me
> today
musc boy bi ,> yes
> well horny
musc boy bi ,> if you come here
musc boy bi ,> yes
musc boy bi ,> i go all day
> cant wait
> bareback
musc boy bi ,> were r you
> ?
musc boy bi ,> yes
musc boy bi ,> and doggy
musc boy bi ,> both
> phone in ten minites
musc boy bi ,> ok cool
> bye
> sexy boy
musc boy bi ,> bye m8
> cant wait

Now how much does he love himself. Let me show you a few things I found there. lol.

im single
im seeing a nice lad

How could you be single but seeing a nice lad? lol. Oh god he's so thick. Gotta buzz off him, and he's a fireman, god help the people he's saving.

He just throws his number out to everyone, very bad idea.

Having a little break been cutting up psd's all day. lol.

So tired but hyper at the same time. Supposed to be going to escape with my straight mate Ste tonight, well he asked me too. But nope, far too tired.

Dum dee dum, well back to me work.
Take care all
Au revoir
Rob :o)
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13 March 2001 @ 09:23 pm

I've had this horrible bad feeling all day that something's happened or gonna happen. Made me feel really sick. Phoned a few people but they all seem fine. I know there is something wrong somewhere, and lets noot get into this, I just know. lol.

Going to the hospital tomorrow. I have an appointment with the ENT clinic about my tonsils. They may want to just rag them out there and then, they might give me a different date, who knows.

Was gonna do a page with all my on-line friends on it and pictures etc with links to their site if they have one. But a few wouldn't want their picture on i.e chas. Which is a shame, he should be showing himself off. lol. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr. If I looked like that I deffo wouldn't hide it. Well suppose he's got his head screwed on. It's really weird to meet someone like that, not shallow or obsessed with looks etc, good looking but not throwing himself everywhere, or being a snotty bastard, ya know what I mean. He fascinates me. lol. And he's a great lad. All applications for dates etc can be sent to me :o) lol. Only messing.

And no I'm not obsessed with him!!!!! So don't you all go shit stirring etc. It caused enough shit last time when I was in gay.com and I said MANC_SCALLYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY when manchester_scally came in, and then some twat pvted my fella saying I got a bit excited when he came in. Manc scally is a good mate and a laugh. When I see my straight mates in the street 'n' stuff we go crazy and they come over and hug me etc, does that mean they fancy me or I fancy them??? Nope it doesn't so get a life people!!!

Missing my babe.

Right I'm off
I'll speak to ya later
Current Mood: worriedworried
11 March 2001 @ 07:39 pm
Hiya :o)

My babe's been down this weekend :o) :o) Missed him so much, and I'm missing him again now :o( I feel great around him, so happy. When he's not here I feel lonely, empty inside. I love him so much it's untrue. He's so special and means everything to me. Can't wait to see him again, not going to make it too long, I'd go crazy. lol.

So I had a GREATTTTTTTTTTTTT weekend. Went to watch "the gift" today. I thought it was an alright film, pretty good. Don't think Jonny did but nevermind. I didn't chose it anyway and neither did he so it's not my fault. lol. He bought me the Cd of this fella who plays this electric violin in town. His music is just amazing. I sit there for ages sometimes listening to him, been after his CD for ages and me babe bought me it before :o) He's always buying me stuff grrrrrrrrrr lol.

I MISS MY BABE!!!!!!!!! :o( .

I was really scared of losing him because of all these tossers (omg haven't used that word for years) spreading rumours round 'n' stuff, and e-mailing him saying things. But I know that he loves me, and I love him back. And those pricks might aswell give up because it's getting boring now, and it's not working. Wasting your time. If I ever did lose him I don't know what I'd do. Obviously you have no idea what it's like to be in love and be loved. I really don't know how anyone could be so nasty to want to fuck up someones life like that. Must be jealousy, oh well, sad bastards.

Oh Stephen phoned me last night. lol. Was a very interesting phone call, the little piss head. lol. Stephen's my mate from scotland by the way, totally off his head. lol. Dead nice 'n' sweet though. Was talking to him for a bit, was so funny he was so drunk, awwww. lol.

Had some really positive feedback from taking my pics of my site. Installed human click on sat and it tells ya the pages people have looked and where they come from etc, also lets them chat to you in real time, and everyone who looked on saturday had been to 2 pages, index2.html, and pics.html. Sad eh? lol.

Well I'm tired. Gonna have a sleep for an hour and I'll be back later.

OMG someone has just phoned me. I don't know who the fuck it was because i didnt understand him but anyway. He said "is that ballbag" so obviously he's from uboot or gay.com, hmmm. lol. Anyway he asked if I wanted to have fun!!! Oh god yeah whatever, get a life pricks!!! I don't play away!!! So stop asking. Sick of people asking me if I want fun and saying stuff like "well your fella won't find out" when I tell them no I'm not interested I have a boyfriend. I'm afraid I'm not into that kinda thing. Do you not have any morals or anything at all? You all think it's alright for someone to go off behind their fella's back, well it's not. If you feel the need to go off with someone else then you shouldn't be with anyone. I love Jonny and I wouldn't jeopardise (and that is spelt correctly :o)) my relationship with him over some stupid one night thing. SO PLEASE STOP ASKING!!! I respect myself too much anyway to be used for a shag.

Anyway I was going to bed. lol.
Speak to ya later
Current Mood: highhigh
09 March 2001 @ 01:49 pm

Really tired today. Well I am and I'm not. Hmmmm. lol. I'm tired but if I wanted not to be then I could easily be wide awake if you get me. If not, then ignore that and just leave it as tired.

Removed my pictures from my site. Reason is on there. lol. Sick of the gay chat scene. Alll obsessed with looks. It's not like you're likely to meet any of them so why should looks bother people. I've taken them off out of protest. lol.

I talk to some proper stunners, really gorgeous looking lads. But a few of them are proper nobheads and as thick as pig shit. And then I talk to people who are pretty average. And they're amazing people, so nice and sweet. Chas being an exception to this because he's good looking and sweet. Which is odd. And intelligent too, actually has a brain. Even more weird. lol.

But yeah, looks aren't everything. They fade away with age 'n' stuff. I mean what if you're good looking and then you suddenly get hit by a bus, what are you going to rely on then?

And no doubt you people will be saying "oh fuck him, he's probably an ugly bastard anyway that's why he's done this" And I'll just laugh. There is no such thing as an "ugly" person. Where' all gorgeous in someones eyes. We all have different tastes.

Anyway enough of that. lol.

On my dinner at the moment. Got in at 9 today so I can leave at 5. Actually best check the train times.


I wrote 2 poems last night, well actually 3 but I'll explain the third in a minute. lol. They must be the most depressing poems I have written in my life. I read them this morning and I was like, OMG shit!!! lol. Very scary. The third is only 3/4 done. Well it's finished, just that the last 1/4 is a prediction really. Hasn't happened yet, but that's what I expect will happen. lol. I guess I'll have to wait and see.

Had a few offers to go out tonight but really not in the mood so gonna stay in.

Was talking to Diane (my canadian friend) last night. Only for a bit. She's dead worried about me. lol. Nice of her. lol. She really cheered me up, kept me online until early hours in the morning again!!! lol.

Very, very, soon this is going to be the only way you'll know what's going on in my life etc. Quickly giving up chat 'n' stuff. Only place I go now is msn chat. And it won't take long to give that up. I've stopped sending out as many e-mails. I've even stopped e-mailing my fella. lol. Actually that's for another reason lmao. Nothing bad like :o)

Got me mum staying for the weekend again. Oh the joy,

Sooooooooooooo tired, wanna go to bed.

Right gonna finish my dinner.
Speak to ya later
Have fun
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09 March 2001 @ 01:07 am
No more will be said on this subject at the moment. lmao.

Goodnight people
Take care
Sleep well and sweet dreams
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08 March 2001 @ 04:50 pm
Salut tout le monde :o)

Mind blank aaaaaarrrgh, okay sorted. lol.

Been thinking about Jonny coming down on Saturday :o) Can't wait to see him. I miss him :o( Miss holding him, and kissing him, being around him. Because he's my babe and I love him.

Well it seems I don't seem to be the highlight of conversation anymore, awwww :o( THANK FUCK FOR THAT!!!! lol. Wonder who they've started on now.

So tired today. I'm about 3 ft away from my screen right, and I can hardly read what's on the screen. OMG my eyes are getting worse. lol. Okay put my contacts in, much better. Feel a bit sticky like, think they're a bit dry. Nevermind. lmao.

Okay think I'm gonna take these out because they're dead dry and just causing proper irritation, I don't mind if I can't see. lol.

On my ciggy break again incase you're wondering.

Was looking through my guestbook before. (you can click on the link it opens in another window, please sign it :o) ). Anyway I was looking through it and seen so many people I've lost contact with. Gonna e-mail them all later. Even seen a message from Darren when I had my old site up with all those horrible pics on. lol. Mad. And messages from me babe :o) :o)

Anyway my ciggy is over. lol.
I shall return later hehehe
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07 March 2001 @ 05:55 pm

I didn't write in this yesterday I don't think. lol. Nevermind.

I've just wrote all kinds and closed the window by accident. Oh Me and computers aren't going well together lately. lol.

Went in chat yesterday (gay.com) as mancboy19, was slagging myself off, adding to the rumours already going round about me. Stupid I know but hey at least I know where they come form if they come from me. lol.

Someone aus21 I think his name was said "is ballbag cheating on his fella again" and Just_browsing was the only one in there that stuck up for me. Out of everyone in there that has talked to me and are my so called friends, he was the only one that said anything and I haven't even talked to him that much. So I'd just like to say THANK YOU JUST BROWSING :O). I'd like to say to the other ones, fuck off and get a life. Actually no don't get a life, grab the nearest knife and stab yourselves. lol. That was a joke, but if you feel the need then don't let me stop ya :o)

And of all the people they could say I'm shagging, why did they have to choose an ugly bastard like RUSS I mean come on, give me some credit.

Awww Chas is going away to Spain soon :o( I'm gonna miss him, grown quite fond of him, he's soooooooo cute and sweet 'n' stuff. (The fact that he's really good looking has nothing to do with it honest. lol. Nah seriously, he's just great, and I have a gorgeous boyfriend). And then when he gets back in September he's going to Cambridge. But we're still gonna keep in touch 'n' stuff which is great :o)

Oops shouldn't have wrote that up there. It'll only start off another rumour. "Oh Rob thinks Chas is cute and good looking, lets go running to his fella telling him we seen them out doing this that and the other, blah, blah, blah" How sad. Just make this a bit more interesting. I want to hear that I get upto something at least a little exciting, merci beaucoup :o)

Some weirdo (yes you know who you are) keeps phoning me and putting the phone down. lol. He's doing it to everyone in chat. He's deffo crazy. I'll get him, hehehe. lol.

Oh I scored 23% in the bastard test. Which is actually really good. I'll put the link up and you can all see how much of a bastard you's are. lol.

And apparently I'm gonna shag 5 men and love 2 of them. Well lets see 5 men. Well Darren is a definite, so that makes 1. Then I've "shagged russ" so that makes "2", who else people??? I need names here!!! lol.

Dum dee dum.

4 weeks until we move out. I really wanna place of my own. Haven't found one yet though. lol. For now my dad's will be fine. Looking forward to getting all me room sorted 'n' that.

Oh i've made peace with the pigeons. They'd fallen out of me and kept running away. Think it's the new hair cut. But I bought them a packet of crisps yesterday and they seem to remember me now. They'll start off their satanic dance rituals again soon. lmao. And you have no idea what I'm talking about, oh well. lol.

Did I tell ya's my poem "Dreaming of you" is being published in teh book, the silence within,. Yep I think I did. lmao.

Right I'll be off for now. I will be back later though with more fun stuff for you all to read.
Au revoir tout le monde
Robo :o)
05 March 2001 @ 04:23 pm

Well this is my little break. Kinda like a ciggy break except I don't smoke and I'm not moving away from my computer. lol. Now lets see how long does it take to smoke a ciggy. We'll say it's a long one so lets see 10 minutes??? I dunno I don't smoke.

Mixed emotions again today. Happy is gradually creaping in, sort of. It's there somewhere anyway. lol.

I look like a smackhead. Can't wait for my hair to grow. It's like a number 0 at the mo!

Dum dee dum, thinking of something and nothing is coming to my head.

I came across the celebrity morgue before. SICK!!! Why would people want to see pictures of dead celebrities. Proper sick.

I have to watch what I say in this thing now. lol. Once upon a time I didn't give a shit what I put in here but now, I think some things are best kept in my head or written down elsewhere. hehehe. All of that will be available on request should you be sad enough to want to know what is going on in my life at the moment. lol.

I see that some people are actually signing my guestbook which is nice :o) THANK YOU. Nice to see that there are some people out there who aren't ignorant.

Oh my ciggies finished :o( Shall I spark up another one? lol. Right I'm turning into a chain smoker. Not good for my lungs at all but nevermind.

Oh this ones stronger than the other one. Choking to death.

Nope me thinks one is enough for today. Right I'm off. Speak to ya later. Byeeeeee Rob :o) x
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04 March 2001 @ 06:06 pm
Hellooooooooooooo there :)

Got up really early today, think it was about 10, was well shocked. Been in chat since then like, how sad. lol. Got all kinds of shit to put on this site, just can't be arsed at the mo. Just one big hassle. Don't mind updating the diary like just hate having to do anything else. lol.

So what has happened since my last post. Sweet FA, isn't it lovely? lol.

Awww me mates just come on MSN, not gonna embarass him by saying who he is but he's so cute. He said something yesterday and I was like awwwwwwwww. Still am now, think it's dead sweet. lol. Mad. He goes in chat 'n' that so you've probably seen him anyway. Shame he doesn't give his pic out to you all, he'd have the whole of gay.com after him. lol. lmao. Really nice lad. And people should like him for who he is anyway, which is a really nice person, so it's kinda good that he doesn't hand out his pics.

Trying to work out how I'm feeling today. Mixed emotions, so what can I put my mood down as, hmm confused. lol.

Anyway yeah I'll post something later before I go to bed.
See yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Current Mood: confusedconfused
03 March 2001 @ 04:09 pm
Hi :o)

Gonna link this to me site today. Went out last night like I said. Had a great night. Was still pissed this morning. lol. Crazy.

Dum dee dum, thinking of something to write. Might go back to bed for a bit, nice and warm there and I'm still pretty tired lol.

Nah it's too far to walk to me bed, I'll just stay here and collapse on the desk.

I have got a proper banging headache, and it's not a hangover. lol. i've had it for a few days now, annoying me to death, grrrrrrrrrrr.

I'll write something later.
See yaaaaaaaaaaa
:o) x
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02 March 2001 @ 02:08 pm

I forgot all about this. Gonna start putting stuff in it. Gotta put a link to it on my site :) In such a good mood have been for most of the week. Stopped going in that shithole gay.com lol. Removed loads of pricks from msn messenger, and ICQ. Getting a social life and going out, yessssssssssssssssss. lol.

And I'm not telling ya's where I chat now because I don't want the place to be overtaken, and if it is then you will all be kicked and banned daily lol.

Going out with me mate Bob tonight. Haven't been out with him for a while, been busy 'n' stuff. Should be a laugh :) lol. He's a great lad. Nothing like what people make him out to be, and if any of you want to slag him off to me then don't fuckin bother!!! lol. Won't have a bad word said about him. He's been great to me, and is a GENUINE friend.

Met so many people the past week or so from Whiston it's scaring me. lol.

I'm giving some lad sex advice. He thinks that tonight is the night with his girlfriend. OMG like I'm the best fella to ask. And he also thinks he might be gay. oh fun!!! Poor lad. lol. Turning him off being gay at the mo. lol.

OMG i'm going into one here on about licking girls out 'n' stuff. OMG this is crazy. lol. Oh memories of licking girls out and losing your hands up them. lol. I remember losing nearly my whole arm up a girl on a dance floor once, dirty bitch. lol. She must have been around. Okay exaggertion with the arm thing, but my hand just slid up. lol. Anywayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy moving on. lol.

Probably knocked you all sick now. lol.

Dum dee dum.

So yeah I haven't wrote anything for ages. lol. Well nothing interesting has happened in my life. My mum is still annoying. Came downstairs the other day(she was at ours) and caught my sister building up in front of my mum. I was fuming. Grabbed the spliff and crumpled it all up into a ball. My mum was like what was that for. I was like are you thick, she's sat there building a spliff can't ya see it, you must be able to smell the stuff, she said no I couldn't I was like yeah you're fucking thick, just wait until me dad hears about this. They both shit themselves. Still haven't grassed her up even though I should because I'm really on the verge of hating her. Pisses me off.

What else. Oh my dad has bought a house, but I'm looking for one of my own. Want to be on my own, without the hassle of the family. lol.

I'm still happy in love with Jonny :) :) :) Awwww you lot (the ones that where trying to split us up) must be really disappointed. Poor you's. What a waste of time :)

Oh got some nobhead called Russ, who is apparently a fireeman, goes in chat as fitbilad or something, thinks he's gorgeous 'n' stuff, well he's prentending to be me. lol. He's going round saying he shagged me. lmao. Must have one pretty small dick or must be really shit because I don't remember a thing.

And Jamie, the lad that works at EE, handing out threats to me saying that Russ knows bouncers at Cream and all the hard men. lmao. So fuck, I know the manager of cream. lol. I'm a VIP member, hmmm lol. Oh he's a hard one this russ isn't he, so scared. Yep well Jamie piss off with your threats, surprised you have to work anyway with all the thieving you do from peoples houses who you meet :)

Don't ya just buzz off queens???

What else is happening or happened. Don't think anything has. lol.

Well I'll speak to ya later.
Au revoir tout le monde
Rob :)
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13 February 2001 @ 03:09 pm
This thing is mad, gotta sort out these colours, well crazy, they might not be when you see it like but they are right now trust me. lol. Bright yellow and black, bumblebee or something. Anyway I'm back off again, see ya later. Rob x
13 February 2001 @ 03:05 pm
Just testing this thing out. mike (boss) showed it me before so I thought I'd create an account, just seeing if it works okay 'n' shit like that. Hmmmm, what is my current mood, tired me thinks. lol. yep, those mood things are well boss. Anyway I'm chatting pure shite and I only wanted to test this out so I'll come back later.
Au revoir.
Rob x
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